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Knifefish – Clown or Spotted Knifefish



Clown or Spotted Knifefish

Chitala ornata

Native to Thailand/Vietnam

Water Temp: 73-80° F
KH 0-10
pH 6.5-7.0

Knifefish are a member of the Apteronotidae family and the speckled knifefish group. They are considered a true bony fish. They possess a weak electrical organ at the caudal peduncles which is used to locate food. They require excellent filtration for best results! This is a generally timid and reclusive fish, preferring a fine-gravel-bottom aquarium with plenty of roots and rocks for hiding places & subdued to dark lighting or tanks with many floating plants. Many hobbyists will purchase a “ghost tube,” which is merely a clear plastic tube that facilitates viewing during the day. Once accustomed to its surroundings, the Black Ghost Knifefish can become incredibly tame and trusting to the point of being hand-held! It does very well with other, larger species of a peaceful nature, but may be aggressive towards those of similar or smaller size.

Knifefish are carnivores and will eat all types of live foods, meat, chopped earthworms, as well as frozen and flaked foods. Great for your South American habitat.


Regular size is about 3 to 4″

XLG is about 6-8″

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