Serrasalmidae – Silver Dollar Aquarium Fish

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Serrasalminae is a family of characiform fish recently elevated to family status. The name means “serrated salmon family” which refers to the serrated keel running along the belly of these fish. Serrasalminae contains fish such as Pirahna, Pacus & Silver Dollars

The Silver Dollar (Metynnis argenteus) is an ideal fish for keeping in a large community. Being a freshwater herbivore, this species grows to be roughly 6 inches and will play well with others. We recommend raising these fish in soft, somewhat acidic water with excellent filtration to keep them happy and healthy. Being herbivores, the Silver Dollar can be sustained on vegetable matter and flake foods. Provide these fish with rocks, driftwood and plant life for cover, as this will reflect their natural habitat and help them thrive in their new home.

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