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Cryptocoryne Petchii Aquarium Plant


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  • These are native to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia
  • Lighting = Low to Moderate=.5 to 1.0up to 2.5 watts per gallon
  • Temp = Medium: 73-83F or 23-28C
  • pH = Neutral 7.0

These plants are an awesome addition to your aquarium! Cryptocorynes grow best in low light tanks because too much light encourages algae to grow on the slow-growing leaves. They often grow steadily. Arizona Aquatic Gardens is your source to spurce up your setup.

This petchii aquarium plant is a great addtion to your tank. More information on these plants can be gotten by contacting us today! Don’t forget to check out our specials page to see upcoming deals and promotions!

Minimum quantity for “Cryptocoryne Petchii” is 10.