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Danio – Orange hatchet Fish or Dadio Danio


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Orange Hatchet Fish or Dadio Danio

Chela dadiburjori

Native to: India

Size: 3cm (1.18″) max

Temp: 68-79°F (20 – 26°C)

pH: 6.5 – 7.5 (7.3 ideal)

Orange hatchet Fish or Dadio Danio is a hardy little species quite suited for cooler aquarium & pond temperatures. Adult fish tend to be smaller than 3cm. A male Orange Hatchet Fish can be identified by being slimmer and during breeding seasons they are more brilliant in color than the female.

Breeding can be accomplished by stocking their habitat w dense aquatic plants such a Hornwort, Cabomba, Anacharis, Ambulia etc.  Adults will generally try to eat the eggs. You can net the eggs with a net and put them into a breeder net to hatch or just let mother nature determine the outcome. The addition of some floating plants to diffuse the light entering the tank will be appreciated by your school as well. Use plants like Hornwort, Water Sprite and Frogbit.  Danios are schooling fish and should be stocked in numbers. Enjoy!

please order no less than 3

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