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#1 Assorted Community Tank Fish Pack

This is an easy way to ordering assorted peaceful fish if you are undecided on what to order! Choices can be overwhelming! Let our farm choose a mix of fish that you can enjoy in your community aquarium!

In these different choice fish packs you can order a 24-pack or 48-pack of community assorted fish. You will get an assortment of in-season fish ranging from Live-bearers, Rasboras, Danios, Barbs, Tetras, Algae Eaters & some other small peaceful specimen fish.

These packs DO NOT include any crustaceans, loaches, predatory fish, cichlids, goldfish, sharks, decorations or plants. A 25 pack of assorted fish can easily be stocked in a 20 gallon aquarium without issue. This is a gamble that is a not only a nice surprise for you, but also a lot of fun! We have a blast putting together these packs for our customers!

These are Grower’s choice fish based on seasonaility, so please do not request specific fish types, this is an assorted gamble surprise you will love!  Trust in our over 35 years of fish farming experience that we will pick you some goodies! Thank you.

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24 Pack Community Fish, 48 Pack Community Fish

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