Dwarf Onion Pot Zephyranthes candida


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These are winter hardy to USDA Zones 7-10 where plants may be grown outdoors year round in moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in full sun. Plants generally need some winter protection in USDA Zone 7. Plants are not winter hardy to St. Louis where they should be dug in fall and overwintered indoors. For the St. Louis climate, bulbs should be planted 2-3” deep and 3-4” apart in spring in full sun to light shade. Best performance is in full sun. After bloom, plants go dormant. In the fall before first frost they dig, dry and store bulbs for winter in a cool, frost-free location in a medium such as peat or vermiculite that is given minimal moisture. In the aquarium, this plant is outstanding on performance, and abuse from animals that may want to otherwise chew on soft leaves, this plant will withstand some picking.

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