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Fertile Hatching Eggs – Assorted Hawaiian x. Old English Bantam Chickens




Hawaiian X. Old English Game Bantams

We’ve been raising O.E.Bantams since like 5th grade 4-H in the 80’s! Mid 2000’s we got a hold of and hatched some bantam eggs from Hawaii. Bred our Silver & Red Duckwing cocks into that new flock. The genetics and bloodlines we’ve acquired over the decades are broad and healthy! The eggs you will get will be from any color of our hens, and you could hatch Wheaten, Whites and every color you can think of, we’ve even hatched Bearded varieties (see pic).

When the Disney movie Moana came out, the Rooster Heihei (also sometimes spelled Hei Hei, pronounced Hay-Hay) instantly sparked a new interest in these miniature poultry gamebird.

We LOVE these birds and so will you! They may seem a little dingy & adorable, but they are loyal, smart, sweet & gentle miniature chickens. Our kids have grown up with Bantams since they were in diapers. These little chickens are strong and because of their wild genetics they have a stronger resistance to disease or airborne illness.  Tolerant of extreme heat here in Southern Arizona.

If you have food or scraps to offer them, they’ll be your best friends! They are very personable

 naturally.  Bantam Gamebirds are Excellent foragers and will eat unwanted insects and weeds as they are not too picky, they just want to clean your yard of bugs and other plant debris. The Hens that brood are diligent & protective mothers and the Roosters are protective of their flock. With their aggression bred down, roosters can be kept together never an issue. Hens get along well with each other and other breeds.

Old English Bantam Gamebirds are very popular because of their alertness, they have a strong upright appearance, and confident personality. The males in all of these varieties are very striking with bright colored feathers and beautiful tail feathers. They have a certain arrogant cockiness to their identity and mannerism, similar to that of Scrappy-Doo. Scooby-Doo’s nephew… (for those of you that can remember that tuff little tike) lol

These birds lay a fair amount of small or bite-sized eggs throughout the year! These little poppers are perfect for mini deviled-eggs. Hens can lay up to 120+ tiny white eggs yearly. More if you are using a layer feed or mini layer pellet. Order now.

These are very high quality chickens, you will get an assortment of  eggs.

Poultry hatching eggs. These eggs have NOT been washed so the protective coating is still there. Our chicken eggs are carefully packaged to help ensure they don’t crack during shipping. Please be patient when ordering eggs, we will personally collect your eggs the day of, or the day before we ship your order.

We do not guarantee hatch rates with any of our eggs. We will do our best to securely package them.

Eggs will hatch in 21 days. Lay flat and no rotation on day 18-19.

Temp & humidity inside the incubator are critical factors for successfully hatching eggs.

Eggs For Hatching Fresh Laid, Fresh Collected for every customer.  Poultry Hatching Eggs. All our Eggs for hatching are from our proven breeders. Our farm is certified USDA Organic, no pesticides or herbicides ever.

Ships from our Farm in Tucson, Arizona, United States Shipping only.

The eggs you get come from our lovingly raised stock.  Available almost year round.  We collect eggs daily to fill & ship orders promptly.  We’ve been in business since 1987 and have sold hatching eggs for the past 15 years. We pack our products very well folks, out of 1000’s of shipments we have had 2 broken eggs to other professionals in 16 years.

If you are able to Add items to your cart, this means your eggs are getting laid now! But this does not mean that if you place your order on a Saturday night and pay for overnight shipping, you’re not getting your order the next day on Sunday.  (There are some blacklisted customers that think we drop everything every time an order is submitted) Friends, we have a Shipping Schedule we must follow to make each work week as productive as possible! We will work hard for you and not let you down ever.  Our process works, so rest assured, all egg orders are shipped in the order we get them, and we will only ship you the freshest eggs possible!  If we cannot fill an order, we will let you know promptly and refund you in full. Sometimes we will have a limited number of eggs to offer, but it’s all about patience. We want to take care of you.

Egg Terns & Conditions:  These are living organisms that must be collected fresh, we require payment for your order before we will collect your eggs.

Just like everyone else that ships eggs, we can not guarantee hatching due to too many things out of our control.

NO REFUNDS & NO RETURNS on hatching eggs.


Seller does not accept returns on eggs.

We will send tracking information as soon as eggs are shipped.

No shipping outside of USA

Due to the variability in incubators, and because I have no idea how you will handle the eggs once they are delivered, I cannot guarantee the eggs will hatch. All eggs offered for sale herein have been produced by our own proven stock. BUT there is still no guarantee on hatching eggs end result, anything can happen during shipping or your handling, incubation, humidity, too many factors and variables, so if our terms don’t work for you, do not buy from us.

Shipping Choices: Shipping is your choice either USPS Priority mail or USPS Priority Express, the Express will get quicker handling & delivery by your mail carrier generally to your front door, the Priority Mail method will add a few extra days transit to your shipment delivery time and will be delivered to your mailbox. The US Postal Service will cover damaged or broken eggs, not us.  If any eggs arrive damaged, you must report it to your post office promptly for a refund from them directly. All packages are automatically insured for $100.

Tips for getting better hatching results!

Do not wash your eggs, do not rinse them, do not take a wet towel to them! You’ll wash off a special natural bacteria coating that protects the egg from perishing so quickly. (Why is the US the only country that washes chicken eggs for eating, when it only speeds up the perishability process? Remember egg washing is not recommended because Salmonella can move into the inside of the egg through pores in the shell, increasing the risk to consumers. Never wash an egg that is intended for incubation.

Broody hen at your home?  Old English and other Bantam chickens are excellent for hatching your gamebird eggs naturally! If you’ve got one that wants to be a momma, you let her sit on your gamebird eggs for you!

When you get delivery, slowly and carefully unpack your eggs and place them in a egg tray or carton and place them points down 24 hours to let them rest from their trip and allow temp of egg to adjust to room temp.  You don’t want to put a cold egg in the incubator.  These tips will help a lot w hatching, friends!

Prices are always PER egg.

No Minimum order for Assorted Hawaiian Old English Bantam Chicken Hatching Eggs

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