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Gourami – Chocolate Gourami Fish



The Chocolate Gourami, also known as Sphaerichthys osphromenoides, is a peaceful, fun breed of fish, whose origins can be traced to Malaysia. Featuring beautiful yellow stripes along its greenish-brown body, this fish also has a distinctive dark spot at the base of its tail. From time to time we may ship Sphaerichthys selatanensis which is known as the Crossband Chocolate Gourami. 1 or 2 horizontal markings on the fish are the only difference. See photos. 1st photo is Regular Chocolate, 2nd is Crossband.

The best living arrangement for these fish is in a 10-20 gallon tank that contains many live plants, rocks and driftwood for hiding places. Frequent water changes, as well of high quality and well-treated water, is a must for getting this fish to thrive. Tank mates should be of similar size and temperament. These fish will be shipped sized around 1.5”, but can grow up to 2.5”

These fish ship better in groups, and will acclimate better when introduced in larger groups and long-term in colonies.  This is a fish for the more advanced aquarist, and we want to be sure you have read up on these animals before making this purchase. If you need any help, please call us.

  • pH: 6.0 – 7.0
  • Temp: 75 -86F
  • KH: 2-4
  • Min order no less than 2
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