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Freshwater Shrimp – Brazilian Yellow Bellied Ghost Shrimp



Freshwater Shrimp – Brazilian Yellow Bellied Shrimp

Size: up to 1.5″
pH: 6.4 – 7.8
Temp: 48 to 89F can handle more extreme cooler temps as long as they are gradual
Native to: Brazil

Arizona Aquatic Gardens named this shrimp species in 1993 the ‘Brazilian Yellow-Bellied Shrimp. Not to be mistaken with the cheap feeder ghost shrimp you may find in your local pet store, same genus, but different species and South American! These are beautiful, lanky shrimp that will add amusement and be truly beneficial for combating many types of noxious algae from freshwater aquaria. Very easy to care for as there are no special requirements except these shrimp are ammonia sensitive as most shrimp are. Combats many types of algaes especially groundcover algae. A little bigger than an Amano shrimp at maturity.

Ideal shrimp for outdoor ponds where temps might be colder. This shrimp does better in cooler water than warm. Size at shipping: assorted about 1/2″ and up.

Stocking Ratio:1 shrimp per 1/2 gallon

Min order is no less than 6
Beautiful photo credit goes to our friend Chris Lukhaup

Minimum quantity for “Freshwater Shrimp – Brazilian Yellow Bellied Shrimp Palaemonetes argentines” is 6.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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