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Freshwater Filter Feeding Green Lace Shrimp


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PH: 6.0–8.0
Temp: 72-79 F ideal
Hardness: 5-17 dkh
Max Size: 2″ – 2 1/2″
Diet: Herbivore, Harmless Filter-feeder

The Green Lace Shrimp is native to the Indo-Pacific region including the Philippines, New Guinea, & Indonesia! The green lace shrimp is a newcomer as it has only been popular since 2007. Green Lace Shrimp are smaller than many filter shrimp such as the Viper and Singapore Shrimp. Their unique coloring and fanlike hands has made them vey popular for aquarists.

The green lace shrimp varies in color similar to that of a chameleon, and can look greenish-gold to a dark blue color. The green lace shrimp has fine hair on its antennule pods. Female green lace shrimp are slightly larger than males. Green lace shrimp do much better in well established, well oxygenated tanks.

Green Lace Shrimp are filter feeders so a mild current is a good idea so they can feed on floating debris. Offer plenty of hiding places such as rocks or wood and lots of plants. Green lace shrimp should be with at least three or four other shrimp of the same species.

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