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Freshwater Shrimp - Red Orchid Shrimp


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The Cardinal Shrimp is a small tropical species of freshwater shrimp that come from the lake region of the Indonesia Sulawesi region. Cardinal Shrimp live a little bit longer (6 months to one year longer) than the average dwarf shrimp. They are also at an extent lighter than many of their contemporaries. Their bright red coloration and white spotting make them an attractive addition to the aquarium hobby. Cardinal Shrimp have maintained an immense popularity owing to its active lifestyle and their relatively ease of care. While they may appear a little bit shy initially, an established group of cardinal shrimp will turn out to be more active and will exhibit other interesting and pleasant to watch social behaviors.  This is very rare to see this shrimp in the aquarium trade due to it’s difficulty in obtaining these species and importing to the US. These shrimp prefer hard water, and do not require specialized care as they are quite easy and adapt to many water conditions. Get them while you can.