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Danio – Glowlight or Glolight Danio



Glowlight Danio

  • Choprae Danio
  • Danio choprai

Max size 1.25”
Native to: Myanmar (Burma)
pH: Slightly acidic 6.9

The Glowlight Danio is one of our most vibrantly colored freshwater fish we offer of the Danio species. Glowlight Danios have gorgeous bars, stripes & spots in green, gold, red, even turquoise! Glowlight Danios were recently discovered in 1997. These fish are the envy of the western world where they are nearly impossible to find. The Glowlight Danio is peaceful. Stock in large quantities housed in a well planted to maximize their color potential. Although a beautiful fish, they can be a bit nervous, so either keep them with other small or calm tankmates. This fish is NOT to be confused with “Glofish” a trademarked and genetically manipulated form of the Zebra Danio. The Glowlight Danio coloration is natural and is a separate species from the Glofish.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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