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Acara - Golden Dwarf Acara Cichlid

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syn: Acara punctulata, Nannacara taenia, Nannacara anomala

Max.size: 8 cm / 3 inch
Temp: 75-79 ˚F
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
dH: 5.0 – 19.0

The Golden Dwarf Cichlid is a very nice little cichlid that is suitable for beginners who want to keep their first cichlids! The species is native to South America where it is found in Guyana & Surinam. These cichlids are mainly found in rivers and creeks.  Their scientific name literally means the “extraordinary little Acara (cichlid)”.

The golden dwarf cichlid is a friendly little cichlid that is suitable for community aquariums w other small and friendly species. They can be somewhat aggressive when protecting eggs and fry but as long as the aquarium isn’t too small this shouldn’t really be a problem. One male can be kept with several females. Colors will vary, juveniles will develop color depending on foods offered and age. We suggest feeding New Life Spectrum Ultra Red for best natural coloring. Pics offered online are of older breeder fish 1.5 year plus.

Shipping size about 1.5″, about 9 months old.