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Clams – Golden Freshwater Filter Feeder



Nature’s Natural Filter Feeder! These are miracle workers and will clean your water!

Using the Corbicula fluminea as a natural water filterer in your aquarium offers quick, effective results for a balanced eco-system.  Once you first get delivery of your clams, acclimate like you would a fish by floating the clam bag in your aquarium or pond, then slowly add some of your water to the bag, no need to take a long time to do this, perhaps less than 5 minutes, then just dump the bag into your tank.  We generally only ship clams and snails with just a dribble of water in their bag so they do not get ammonia poisoning enroute in case they waste in the bag.  You may gently push them into your substrate if you like, but they will figure out what and where they want to go over the next couple days.

This little clam is usually shipped about the size of a nickel. You do not need to feed them, they are filter feeders, and they will feed off micro-organisms and waste in your aquarium substrate and water column! They prefer to bury themselves in sand but small gravel is also acceptable. We have kept them for decades in old tanks that had fairly chunky rock and they survived as well as ponds with large river stones in the bottom and they did perfectly fine as well.  They will move around on their own, and will NOT disturb your plants or their roots. They will have a long life span and may reproduce.

Orders of less than ten will not be fulfilled. Many are needed for stocking large tanks and ponds. 6 per gallon or square feet is recommended.

A closed clam is a happy ALIVE clam.  A partially open shell is usually an indication of the clam trying to move around. An open shell indicates that the clam is Dead.

This item is restricted in IN, NY, WI

Min order 3

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