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Crab Geosesarma – Sandfire Vampire Crab



Sandfire Vampire Crab

Geosesarma aristocratensis

How about adding the most beautifully colored crabs to your collection?

You can add the Sandfire Vampire Crab to your aquarium today! Also known as Carnival Crabs, these creatures are a variation on the Red Devil Crab. They are very social and will do well in a tank with several other members of the species. These crabs are very small, making them the perfect fit for just about any type of aquarium. Place your order now for the Sandfire Vampire Crab!

Geosesarma is genus of small freshwater or terrestrial crabs, typically less than 10 mm (0.4 in) across the carapace. These aquatic crabs live and reproduce in a wet environment with the larval stages inside the egg. They are found native to India, Southeast Asia, to the Solomon Islands and Hawaii. In the pet trade, they are called Vampire Crabs. This has nothing to do with their feeding habits, but rather with the bright, contrastingly yellow eyes of some Geosesarma species.

Size at Shipping: About 1.25″

Min order no less than 2 please


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