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Pleco – Green Phantom Pleco L-200



Pleco – Green Phantom Pleco L-200

7″ max size in large aquarium (typically 5″)

The Green Phantom Pleco is a stunning bright green to lemon yellow sucker mouth pleco with bright spots suitable for large mature south american tanks. In the wild this pleco is found in the crevices of granite rocks amongst fast flowing water. These fish prefer a nice current and a good level of oxygen in the home aquarium. Provide plenty of rocks and create numerous shady caves for the fish to hide in. Ensure that the strongest areas of current flow through these hiding places, as this would be where these fish would reside in their natural environment.

Driftwood is not necessary, although it may make the tank look more aesthetically pleasing and the pleco will like to chew on it.

These fish are an adaptable omnivore that will eat a variety of foods, such as algae, pellet foods, algae wafers, various vegetables, and freeze dried foods.

Size at shipping: About 1.75″ – 4″

1st pic is of mature breeder Green Phantom pleco, 2nd pic is of yearling Green Phantom Pleco.  Fairly hardy fish, not too fussy, make sure to provide Malaysian driftwood.

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