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Rock-Dwelling Mbuna Cichlid - Hongi Super Red Top Cichlid



Labidochromis sp.

Hongi Red Top, Hongi Super Red Top, Hongi Red Top Kimpuma

Native to: Hongi Island, East Coast of Lake Malawi

This species Labidochromis sp. “Hongi” is not yet described so it is given it’s name to its location “Hongi” so there really isn’t a common name for this fish. Hongi Super Red Tops are herbivores. The colors of Hongi Super Red Top differ depending on its mood. Dorsal fins also range in color from yellow to orange to red. The colors of the dominant male can be quite lovely, including orange blaze and creamy lilac. Dark vertical barring extends along the sides of the fish but can completely disappear depending on it’s mood. Dominant males will develop egg spots on anal fins and partial egg spots on the dorsal fin. Sub-dominant males will display drab brownish purple coloration with some orange or yellow highlights. Females show a submissive brownish purple color, although they too can color-shift to a beautiful pale lilac that shows off their darkened bars. Hongi Super Red Top can be found in a rocky habitats so in the aquarium you should offer lots of rocks such as lace rock as this will be their community hangout.

Pics of mature full colored male.  We are shipping this fish right at 2″ – 2.5″ size. Mixed Male/Females potential