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Hornwort Bunched Aquatic Plant



We recommend the Hornwort Ceratophyllum Demersum Bunched Aquatic Plant to any and all aquarists and pondkeepers, as it is an easy plant to grow and maintain. Also known as Ceratophyllaceae, this plant has strong foliage resembling hair and will make a great background plant to your aquarium. Not only is it an easy plant to grow and maintain, it is also an oxygenating pond plant that will help maintain the pond’s atmosphere by cleaning water, removing algae, producing oxygen and promoting clarity. This plant will provide a healthy and thriving foundation for any aquarium.  In the pond in can help shade the water blocking harmful or algae encouraging UV rays, offer a spawning media for fish, as well as a refuge for baby fry.  This is an all-around wonderful plant that is virtually hard to kill.  It never grows roots, it is more like a seaweed that will continue to grow and grow and grow to unlimited lengths.  Simply break off or cut to desired size, or allow fish to prune for you, Koi, even cichlids will love to nibble on it.  You just cant go wrong with hornwort!

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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