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Kenyi African Cichlid Aquarium Fish



Kenyi African Cichlids Aquarium Fish

Kenyi sexual differences: Males are golden yellow!  The females are purple/blue! While both sexes have faded vertical bars on their body, only the Males have eggspots on the anal fin as well.

Maylandia lombardoi or Metriaclima lombardoi
(perhaps this is why many refer to these as M. lombordoi because no one knows which is correct?)

Errors in trade name:
Metriaclima lombardoi (now considered invalid name)
Pseudotropheus lombardoi (incorrect name but commonly used in the trade)

aka: Lombardoi Cichlid, Kennyi Cichlid, Blue Kenyi Cichlid, Golden Zebra Cichlid, Kenyii

In this species of Malawi Cichlid, the males turn a gorgeous orange, while females retain their original blue and white bar morphology, although the blue turns a very dark blue, almost black. In the wild, M. lombardoi is found at Mbenji Island and Nkhomo Reef. It prefers depths of around 33 feet, & is abundant in the intermediate rocky-sandy & sediment-rich areas. This fish is not for beginners simply because it is an extremely ill-tempered fish.

Typically ships around 2″ mix of males and females