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Keyhole Cichlid Freshwater Fish



Cleithracara maronii

The Keyhole Cichlid is one of our favorite South American cichlids. It features a light green body with black fins. It is quite pretty when stocked as a larger colony, and prefers to swim amongst rocks or plants. Generally hardy fish, this species is known to be more peaceful than many other Cichlids. They rarely burrow into the substrate or damage plants and actually just prefer to hide in the rocks or plants. Keyhold Cichlids are omnivores and will eat most any food offered and especially love freeze-dried bloodworms and cichlid pellets.

  • Water Temp: 72-77° F
  • KH 9-20
  • pH 6.0-8.4
  • Max. Size:  4-6″
  • Native to: South America

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