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Pleco – Lemon Fin Pleco L305


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Lemon Fin Pleco L305

Peckoltia braueri ‘l305’

Temp: 73-79° F
KH 8-10
pH 6.5-7.1
Max. Size: 5.1″

The Lemon Fin Plecostomus is a suckermouth catfish. The L305 is native to L305 Takutu river downstream of Lethem, Guyana. Lemon Fin Plecos are a bottom dwelling fish that appreciates plenty of driftwood. Feeding: The Lemon Fin Pleco is not a finicky eater and will accept most food types. Feeding off the bottom of the tank eating left over food & algae is how it will live the happiest!

Supplement with sinking carnivore pellets or algae discs, and freeze-dried bloodworms or tubifex worms.

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