Nano Crustacean Habitat Package

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If you think great things come in small packages, our Nano Crustacean Habitat is perfect for you! Great for a quick setup, and easy ordering.  This package has everything you need to begin your new aquatic hobby or underwater addition to your space at work or at home or kitchen counter nano tank.  You just need the tank.

Nano Crustacean Habitat Package Ideal for Small Nano Aquariums 7 Gallons or less. Complete with Crustaceans & Plants!
Nano Aquarium sold separately!

Tank package includes

6 Red Cherry Shrimp
4 Amano Shrimp
8 Olive Nerite Snails
2 Asian Spiny Nerite Snails
1 Cultured Driftwood w/ EZ to grow plant of our choice in season
3 Anubias barteri
5 Anubias nana
4 Anubias nana petite
5 Marimo Moss Balls
3 Java Ferns
2 portions of java Moss

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