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Tropical African Plant Habitat

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Bring a small slice of paradise to you aquarium with one of our tropical African Plant Habitats. This particular habitat will ensure your 25 – 30 gallon tank is filled with lush greenery that comes alive under water.

Your tank inhabitants will benefit more than enjoying their beautiful surroundings. A flourishing plant habitat such as this holds more benefits than simply dressing up your aquarium; plants oxygenate the water in your aquarium and give any water-dwelling fish and critters a place to live. Everyone will fall in love with this African Tropical Plant Habitat for your aquarium: human and fish, alike!

Tank packages includes:

25 – 30 gallon:

6 Corkscrew Vals
6 Contortion Vals
6 Anubias barteri
4 Anubias nana
1 Anubias coffeefolia
2 Anubias frazeri

50 – 60 gallon:

6 Corkscrew Vals
6 Contortion Vals
8 Anubias barteri
3 Anubias coffeefolia or similar
8 Anubias nana
3 Anubias frazeri

100 – 125 gallon:

12 Corkscrew Vals
12 Contortion Vals
8 Jungle Vals
10 Anubias barteri
5 Anubias coffeefolia or similar
8 Anubias nana
6 Anubias frazeri

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