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Nano Flora Habitat Package

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Big isn’t always better! If small aquatic habitats are your thing, we have the perfect plant habitat for you. These nano flora habitats come complete with both crustaceans and lush plant life to complete your preexisting nano aquarium. Our flora habitats are perfect for aquariums up to about eight gallons. To take some of the work off your hands, we’ve specifically designed these habits to look and feel complete. Whether you’re just starting out as an aquatic hobbyist, are well-seasoned or you just enjoy aquatic life, you’ve come to the right place for a nano aquarium habitat. This is a quick easy set-up. Does not include the aquarium.

Tank package includes

10 Olive Nerite Snails
2 Asian Spiny Nerite Snails
2 Cultured Driftwood and an easy-to-grow plant (which we will choose depending on season)
4 Anubias barteri
3 Anubias nana
6 Marimo Moss Balls
3 Java Ferns
2 portions of java Moss
3 Australian Bacopa
4 Narrow-leaf Micro Sword
4 Dwarf Baby Tears