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South American Aquarium Plant Habitat Packages



If you’re looking for some serious green to brighten up your tank, one of our South & Central American Plant Habitats is just what you need. The bright green color of these habitats will seamlessly complement any exotic aquatic life waiting to inhabit it!

With an impressive abundance of exciting plant life from South and Central America, any hobbyist or aquatic life enthusiast will be more than satisfied with this kit. No matter the size of your tank, we have the plant habitat for you!

Tank packages includes

25 – 30 gallon:

8 Corkscrew Val
6 Jungle Val
3 medium Amazon Sword
1 medium Red Rubin Sword
2 Anacharis
3 Cabomba
3 Narrow-leaf Ludwigia
5 potted tennellus Chain Swords

50 – 60 gallon:

8 Corkscrew Val
8 Jungle Val
8 Contortion Vals
5 medium Amazon Sword
2 Large Red Rubin Swords
2 Anacharis
4 Cabomba
6 Narrow-leaf Ludwigia
2 Medium Ruffle Swords
7 potted tennellus Chain Swords

100 gallon:

14 Corkscrew Val
20 Jungle Val
35 Tall Sagitteria
8 Contortion Vals
7 medium Amazon Sword
1 Potted Rangerii Sword
3 Large Red Rubin Swords
3 Hornwort
2 Anacharis
6 Cabomba
8 Narrow-leaf Ludwigia
2 Medium Ruffle Swords
12 potted tennellus Chain Swords

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