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Cory - Corydoras adolfoi Orange Burst Cory or Adolfo's Cory



Adolfo’s Cory or Orange Burst Cory

Corydoras adolfoi


Water Conditions: 72-79° F
Max. Size: 2.5″
Diet: Omnivore
US Farm Raised

Corydoras adolfoi is an medium-sized Cory attaining a total length of around 2″. Both male & female have a light-colored lower body, gradually changing to a jet black on the upper half. There is also a black stripe over the eyes. The fins, for the most part, are colorless. The most striking feature is the bright orange/gold mark that starts just behind and above the eye, and ends just in front of the dorsal fin.

These bottom feeding catfish hail from exotic South American Rivers. The Corydoras adolfoi may grow to a max size of 2.5 inches and live for up to five years in a healthy environment.

As bottom feeders, corys will feed from the waste at the bottom of the tank, and will help keep the environment clean for the rest of your underwater ecosystem. Their diets should be varied, rather than exclusively waste fed. NLS-H20 Stable wafers are an excellent food choice.