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Snail – Substrate Burrower Snail – Orange Volcano Rabbit Snail



Substrate Burrower Snail – Orange Volcano Rabbit Snail on Sale!

Tylomelania zemis snails are endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Orange Rabbit Snail is a small, hard substrate dweller. As we say, they’re like earthworms for your aquarium and they WILL NOT eat or harm your plants or root systems at all. They will help release harmful gases that can build up in the substrate, and also eat waste, detritus, and other organic materials in the substrate. They also eat algae on the glass, and carefully clean fine algae that can grow on plant leaves.

Its shell is usually dark brown, though can be deep red or yellow, and its body ranges from yellow to orange. Feed them a special diet to produce more vibrant colors.

As an active snail they will respond rapidly to food being added to the aquarium. This species is sensitive to suddenly changes in light (such as turning off the aquarium lights). This is a mechanism to avoid predators that cast a shadow overhead and will often fall from the surface they are on in this situation.

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