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Snail – Turbo Skai Bleu Snail



Want a Turbo Skai Bleu (Blue) Snail in your tank?

The Celetaia persculpta is a unique import snail that is very rare if not impossible to find for sale in the US. We are currently working on farming this snail in Arizona ourselves so that we can eventually bring the prices down. Until then, we are at the mercy of paying for import and shipping fees to being this unique snail in. There is also very limited information on these snails except for what we know from our own experience in handling them from the past year.

Please Order no less than 2

Turbo Bleu Skai Snails do excellent in warmer waters like 80-84! They also do well in high pH waters like 8.2. Ideally they have done great in African cichlid tanks and ponds, however, they have also done very well in even our most delicate shrimp tanks in neutral or slightly acidic water. So, all we can gather is they are quite the versatile critter!

This is a very hearty snail, and not delicate. It will devour large amounts of different algae and waste. The unique shell is considered quite valuable especially as it matures and grows. This snail is live bearing, non egg lying, and has both sexes.

Minimum quantity for “Turbo Skai Bleu Snail” is 2.


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