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Pearlescale Carpintis Cichlid



Herichthys carpintis, Pearlscale Cichlid

Not to be confused with the Green Texas Cichlids.  The Carpintus Cichlid has smaller spots that are more on the turquoise color. The Pearlescale Cichlid, native to Southern US and North Mexico, usually occur in lagoons especially at the mouth of the Panuco drainage. Maintenance of these fish is significantly low.

The aquarium should consist of rock/wood and open space. Plants rooted in the substrate will most likely be uprooted. Pearlescale Cichlids are omnivores and almost always accept dry foods. Regular feedings of vegetable flakes, live foods, and cichlid pellets are encouraged. They tend to be very territorial especially when breeding and may even eat smaller fish. These beautiful Cichlids have blue to green hues and reflective flecks on their flanks.

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