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Powder Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlid



Blue-Jacks, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Nandopsis octofasciatum, Powder Blue Jack Dempsey

Native to Mexico and Honduras, The Jack Dempsey Cichlid (Nandopsis octofasciatum) can span a variety of earth tones, bright blues and greens. They come from swampy, warm waters, and consequently prefer masked conditions within aquariums with plentiful underwater flora.

Powder Blue Jacks are not picky eaters, this species has been described both as herbivorous, feeding mainly on filamentous algae, and as omnivorous, feeding on insect larvae and worms. They will eat most any food supplied like pellets, worms, beefheart, feeder fish, worms, etc. The Powder Blue is much more peaceful than the common Jack Dempsey and will not grow as large either. The mena streak has been bred out of this species. Will do great in a community aquarium with other smaller cichlids especially Apistogrammas. Powder Blue Jack Dempsey Compare to most other suppliers at $100 each

pH: 6 – 8 (ideal 6.9)
dH: 10
Native to: Jack Dempsey are native to the Atlantic slope of Central America, Honduras.