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#1 Assorted South American Cichlid Collection



#1 Assorted South American Cichlid CollectionCheaper price by purchasing in volume!

You love South American Cichlids! This is how you get the best value!

Picking out the types of fish you want can be difficult. This is where we make it easy for you, WE CHOOSE FOR YOU!

Let us help make the decision easier by offering you this Cichlid pack of South American Cichlids based on season & availability. We work with these fish everyday, we know whats awesome, trust our judgement……

MIN PURCHASE IS 12 FISH. The more fish you buy in this collection, the more varieties you will get.

You will get a mix of the following fish (plus other rare species we may not even have listed)

Black Convicts


Bolivian Rams

Green Texas


Jack Dempseys

Asstd Geophagus



Red Devils

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot request specific varieties for this selection as it is grower’s choice and what is currently in season. If you want to pick out the species of your fish, please purchase them individually accordingly. This is generally a mix of Males and Females leaning more towards a higher percentage of Male fish, but you need females to keep the males happy! Having a tank full of males just doesn’t work. Introducing a colony of mixed male and female fish will prove to be better for the long term.


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