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Rasbora – Phoenix Rasbora



Phoenix Rasbora

Boraras brigittae

aka: Chili Rasbora, Mosquito Rasbora

  • Native to: Southwestern Borneo,  Indonesian province of Kalimantan Selatan (South Kalimantan)
  • pH: 5.0 – 7.2
  • Temp: 75 – 79F ideal for long term
  • Hardness: 0 – 179 ppm
  • Max size: 15mm-20mm (1/2″ – to just under 1″)

This is one of the smallest of micro fish ideal for small eco systems, or stocked in massive schools in a large aquarium.  As one of the tiniest fish out there, they would easily be gobbled by most larger fish.  Stocking suggestion about 20 Chili Rasbora per 5 gallons. Yes, they are that small!  I talk about the little 8 gallon tank we build for our oldest son and we put about 50 in that setup along with a couple dozen red cherry shrimp.  Is a nice look especially having the green plants bring out the reds in the animals.

These are shy fish and will show off in a well-planted tank that is dimly lit with driftwood where they don’t feel threatened by other fish, but keeping them with small shrimp, or other suitable tank mates such as other Bororas, small Danios like Gold Rings, Chocolate, Licorice & Sparkling Gourami, Green Neons, Ember tetras; Male Endlers and Whiptails/Farlowella Catfish.  It will school well with other fish, especially if it feels threatened.

Because it has a tiny mouth, it will require the smallest of food, almost powder-like.  There are many foods by New Life Spectrum available that will be suitable.  It does not feed near the surface and will only feed as the food is falling.

Phoenix Rasboras are an egg scatterer, and if provided with plenty of live pants, they will lay eggs, however, unlike other microfish they will not actively hunt the eggs or fry but they could eat them.  They will also not offer any parental care, so removal of the parents is a good idea.

This is a good fish for people with little experience, tanks do not need to be heated. These will do fine in cooler unheated tanks!

MINIMUM ORDER/HELPFUL TIP: These fish are tiny, and stay small!  They are also a schooling fish. Please order at least 3 of these fish when adding to your cart. They don’t live alone, they shouldn’t ship alone. Having schools of 30- 50 of this micro species in a 20 gallon aquarium is a typical stocking


No less than 3 will be sold