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Rasboras Aquarium Fish

Rasboras are probably some of the coolest dwarf fish you’ll ever own. It’s uncommon to find many of our specialty varieties of Rasboras anywhere else but at Arizona Aquatic Gardens as we specialize in quite a few hard-to-find species! These smaller sized or dwarf fish species are a very easy and resilient fish to keep. They are a non-guarding, substrate egg scatterer that lives ideally in schools in heavily planted aquaria. A perfect community fish especially for smaller aquariums, nano aquariums, and miniature aquarium exhibits. Another great quality that we have always like about rasboras is that most will do fine in colder water temps without a heater. For Example the Phoenix Rasbora and the Pygmy Rasbora will thrive in cooler waters of 70 – 74 when our fish building gets cold in the Winter, yet, those same species do well in the Summer when some of our outdoor pools get in the upper 80’s. A fun, pretty, versatile fish that we would consider a easy to grow fish!

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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