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Potamogeton Gayi Bunched Aquarium Plant

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P. gayi is one of about 100 aquatic Potamogeton species distributed worldwide but is mostly found in southern South America.

Potamogeton gayi is easy to grow and isn’t too fussy about fertilization, medium light intensity is sufficient for good growth.

CO2 injection is not required, although it is beneficial. P. gayi is tolerant of a wide range of pH values and will grow well in medium-hard water. This species has a long adjustment period when planted, and care should be exercised in placement as to avoid the need for replanting.

The leaves vary from very narrow to wider leaves depending on species and colors range from an olive green to a reddish brown and grow to be 5-10cm long.

Minimum quantity for “Potamogeton Gayi Bunched Aquarium Plant” is 3.