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Freshwater Angelfish - Pterophyllum Altum Peruvian Wild Angelfish



YES NOW IN STOCK!!!! We do not offer Altums year ’round, but if you can add them to your cart, they are available.  We pride ourselves with our quality animals. You will not be disappointed.

Wild Peruvian Altum Angelfish For Sale

Wild Rio Nanay Angelfish For Sale

also available Albino Altum Peru Angels

Latin: undescribed species or subspecies to the regular angelfish

These are 100% wild Peruvian blood Angelfish. Not too often will we offer these gorgeous Peruvian Altum Angels for sale.

This strain is originally from the Rio-Nanay just outside of Iquitos, Peru in the Amazon with the Altum Angel appearance

It is thought that a fish exporter’s facilities was flooded out in the 1970’s causing all of his fish to be released into the Rio Nanay. This is also thought to be how many Discus were introduced into that area as well because later in the 1980’s, many local tropical fish collectors started catching Discus from this same area.

Pterophyllum altum or Altum Angelfish is a close relative to the common freshwater angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) and are obviously not available very often in the aquarium tradem nistly because they are more sensitive and more difficult to breed than common freshwater angels. It is still a popular myth, even among experts that the Altum Angel can only be found in Rio Orinoco, but this is proven incorrect by studies of specimens in different museums that have been collected in a much broader area. The word “Altum” is Latin that means “tall” and is a suitable name for this species since they develop a very high body that can reach 12″ tall and only reach a length of 15cm/6″

Debates, Disputes & Beliefs
There are a lot of open disputes as to the number of “true” Altum species that are out there. Some people feel that many “Scalare” might actually be a bunch of different species, sort of like Festivums and Severums, where each of these “former” species are now broken up into separate species, not sub-species.

Eimeki is a synonym of Scalare

Kullander, Dumerilii is also a synonym of Scalare

Dumerilii is really a Leopoldi

Leopoldi is a Peruvian Angel

Pterophyllum are a long bodied Angelfish possibly related to Mesonauta (the Festivums)

Cross-breeding Angels is not the same thing as creating a hybrid, and shouldnt be released within a range of other species.

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Peruvian Altum, Peruvian Albino Altum Angelfish