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Freshwater Angelfish – Pterophyllum Scalare Angelfish Breeder Ready Assorted Color Varieties



Angelfish Breeder Ready Assorted Color Varieties

Pterophyllum Scalare

Zoological Nomenclature: Pterophyllum Scalare

  • Size: Breeder Angelfish are usually about quarter dollar size not including fins .  At this size they should begin reproduction in a well-planted aquarium.

Origin, Appearance and additional notations:

This is what you think of as the classic angel fish.

Assorted Breeder Size angels for sale are a rare find in the aquarium hobby.  They are popular because they ship better and acclimate to your aquarium easier, where younger angels may be a tad more difficult to get rolling in a new tank.

Farm-raised angelfish in general are hard to find in the hobby these days because most Angels are imported from overseas or wild caught.  NOT OURS!  These are absolutely high-quality farm-raised fish by Arizona Aquatic Gardens and shipped to your door direct.   Enjoy!

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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