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Freshwater Angelfish - Pterophyllum Scalare Blue Pinoy Angelfish & Blue Smokey Pinoy Angelfish



Philipine Blue Pinoy Angelfish or Cobalt Angelfish
aka Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish, Cobalt Angelfish

Pterophyllum scalare

The Philippine Blue Pinoy or Cobalt Angelfish is a very popular in-demand color variant of the classic angelfish that we all love. Juveniles do not generally display the blue-turquoise coloration at first, but they will absolutely develop it, and generously! As they grow and approach maturity they will be more and more beautiful with their coloration. This shoaling cichlid is relatively peaceful compared to other members of the cichlid family. The Philippine Blue Pinoy has a thin taller body unlike most other cichlids. The Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish is indigenous to several river systems in South America.

The Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish, due to its taller body shape prefers the cover of plants because rocks in cave shapes are harder for them to get in and out of. Pinoys will do best and thrive in a heavily planted aquarium with lots of refuge and habitat including driftwood and some rock formations.

The Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish is generally compatible with most all other peaceful fish. Territoriality is typically only during spawning. Feeding is easy the Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish as these are not picky eaters. We have some natural color enhancing food suggestions below that will help to maintain optimal health and coloration.

Size at shipping: Shipped as juveniles just coming into color or advanced depending on season.

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Scalare Blue Pinoy Angelfish, Scalare Blue Smokey Pinoy Angelfish