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Freshwater Angelfish - Pterophyllum Scalare Platinum Blue Angelfish

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Angels are a beautiful, mystical addition to any aquatic habitat. This particular freshwater angelfish is quite rare, and because of its shiny, almost metallic scales, it is often referred to as “Platinum” or “Platinum Blue”. A beautiful enhancement to any tank, these stunning angels reflect light off their scales and flowing fins, making them look extremely magnificent.


Size: Will typically grow up to 6″ in aquarium, approximate purchase size is 1.5″
pH: 5.8 – 7.0
kH: 1 – 5
Water temperature: 75 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit
Diet: Platinum angelfish are omnivores, so we suggest New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula, New Life Spectrum Freshwater Flakes With Garlic, or bloodworms.
Sex differentiating and breeding: These angels are particularly difficult to sex, though behavior is telling of sex; males are typically more aggressive when it comes to territory. Platinum Blue Angels’ eggs are laid in layers and usually on rocks or on surrounding plants. We suggest removing either the fry or the adult angels after newborns have hatched to eliminate risk of being eaten.