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Rasbora – Redline Rasbora



Red Line Rasbora

(Rasbora pauciperforata)

Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Aquarium Hardiness: Hardy
Water Conditions: pH 6.2-7.0, 0-6 dH, 73-79°F
Max. Size: 2.8″
Color Form: Gray, Brown, Red
Diet: Omnivore
Compatibility: Excellent community fish
Origin: Malaysia and Sumatra
Family: Characidae
Lifespan: 3 – 5 years

Red Line Rasboras are an attractive and peaceful little fish originally from the clear streams of the Batang Kavab River basin on the island of Borneo.  Although the name may suggest otherwise it is not only found in Sarawak state (Malaysia) but also ranges into neighboring Indonesia.

The Red Line Rasbora prefers slow-moving water with thick vegetation and medium light.  They do well in tanks with lots of driftwood or where tank water is lightly colored brown from the tannins released by the wood.  Plants like Frogbit are preferred.  Offering these above items will be appreciated and of course adds a more natural feel and will compliment the coloration of these beautiful fish.

This species should make an ideal addition to a peaceful community of Southeast Asian/Indian species such as other similarly-sized Rasbora, Puntius or Barbs, Loaches and Gouramis of the genus Trichogaster.

The Red Line Rasbora is a schooling species by nature and really should be kept in a group of at least 8-10 specimens.  Maintaining it in decent numbers will not only make the fish less nervous but will result in a more effective, natural-looking display.  Males will also display their best colors as they compete with one other for female attention.

Sexing: Mature females should be noticeably rounder-bellied and probably a little larger than males.

Breeding:  This species is an egg-scattering, continuous spawner that exhibits no parental care.  That is to say when the fish are in good condition they will spawn often and in a densely-planted, mature aquariums/pools, it is possible that small numbers of fry may start to appear without human intervention.

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