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Barb Fish – Red Tail Tinfoil Barb Large Size Tropical Fish



The Red Tail Tinfoil Barb is also commonly referred to as Schwanefeld’s Barb or Goldfoil Barb. They’re native to Thailand, Sumatra and Borneo, and prefer large aquariums to accommodate their size (up to 14 inches in the wild, or 35 cm in length). With unmistakable red fins and silvery scales, these fish are bound to stand out in an otherwise average tank. They’ll happily eat flake foods, vegetation or fresh feed diets, and will coexist with other Cichlids without confrontation. This is a nice, larger-sized variant that we offer from time to time, and worth the few extra dollars for such a larger specimen without waiting for your juveniles to grow out. Larger size Not always available. Can be contract grown out as well. Contact us to confirm availability.

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