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Skunk Botia Loach



Botia morleti, Skunk Botia

Size: up to 4″, pH: 6.0 – 7.7 dH: 8-12 Temp: 72 – 86 F, Origin: India

This is a bottom-dwelling scaleless fish found in India. This particular variety of Botia is not common in the petstore. It has a pinkish body with a black stripe that starts at it’s head and stops at his tail, hence the name Skunk Botia. Look closely at it’s nose and you will see it has 4 pairs of barbells (or whiskers). Usually referred to as a semi-aggressive fish, we’ve found this fish to be actually quite peaceful. It has a very small mouth so we are not concerned about it eating our snails or shrimp. It is a great scavenger/janitor fish and does nibble on hair algae. The Skunk Botia loves to be with other fish of the same species. This species also appreciates caves, logs, and rocks to hide in or under.

Size at shipping: about 1.5″+, Ships Great! TOUGH!