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Snail – Substrate Burrower Snail – Prambana Mini Conch



Yes, In stock finally!

Apr 2023!  Order now!

Prambana Mini Conch Snails!

aka: Thiara Winteri, Prambana Mini Conch or Prambana spiky Trumpet Snails

Water Type: Hard water
Sensitive To: Cooper

Thiara Winteri is an eye catching substrate burrower. They will clean your aquarium substrate which makes them perfect for planted aquariums. This snail will eat decaying plants, algae and leftovers from your fish. They do prefer a sand substrate to gravel, but will do well either way. Stock around 3 of these mini conch snails per gallon suggested as conservative stocking, you can’t really over-stock substrate burrowers!

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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