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Snail – Substrate Burrower Snail – Yellow Antenna Rabbit Snail



Yellow Antenna Rabbit Snail

The Tylomelania gemmifera is another native of the Sulawesi area. They are to be kept in an environmental water temp of 79-84° (warm). This is ideal but with seasonal variations are fine.

Hard water of ph: 7.5+ is also preferred. This is a very attractive scavenger snail species from the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Although it is a rather inactive species compared to some of the other snails in its grouping, they are quite beautiful. The shell is black with a white tip (usually from corrosion and age) and the foot is black, usually with yellow spots. This species has yellow antenna and yellow lips.

This is a soft-substrate dweller. Males do not look different from the females. They have between 1 and 2 young baby snails at a time which happens occasionally, but ideal for aquariums as they do not breed out of control.

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