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Spiny Monster Pleco L160
Pseudacanthicus spinosus ‘l160’

Temp: 73-79° F
KH 8-10
pH 6.5-7.1
Max. Size: 5.1″

The Spiny Monster Pleco is a larger species of Pleco which develops heavy armor and distinctive spines along the body & fins. Like most members of the genus Pseudacanthicus, this species is mainly carnivorous and prefer protein rich foods such as Bloodworms and Shrimp moreso than vegetation in its diet. It is important to provide plenty of hiding places such as caves or driftwood for this fish as they need a place to call home.

The Spiny Monster Pleco is generally gray in color w black spots but can also change to a dark brown color as it matures.

Fish more commonly known as “Plecos” or “Suckerfish” come from the family Loricariidae, also known as the “armored catfish” and are from South America. They include fish from the genera Ancistrus, Baryancistrus, Chaetostoma, Hypostomus, Leporacanthicus, Panaque, Peckoltia, Pseudancistrus and others. In addition to their Latin/Scientific names used for all living things, Plecos also have their own naming system that identifies them by “L-number” or “LDA-number”. Though this is not an “official” naming method, it is popular among hobbyists and collectors to distinguish the sometimes slight differences between species more accurately with the use of an L number.

Supplement with sinking carnivore pellets or algae discs, and freeze-dried bloodworms or tubifex worms.

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