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SAE – True Siamese Algae Eating Juvenile Fish



Our True Siamese Algae Eaters are truly one of a kind. You can’t purchase this fish specie in a typical pet shop. It is knwon best for it’s great ability to consume black beard algae (BBA), Thread Algae Green Hair Algae and more.  We farm-raise these fish so that they are of the best quality. The Siamese algae eater has a typical lifespan of 5 years and the fish grows to 3-4 inches in about 3 years. This fish will consume a variety of algae including Green Hair or Filamentous algae and Black Brush algae. You can supplement with New Life Spectrum’s Community Formula and H2O Stable Wafers. We recommend purchasing a group of these fish at a time since they are schooling fish. You can stock 1 fish per 5 to 20 gallons of water. Juvenile size is appx 3/4″

Minimum quantity for “True Siamese Algae Eaters (SAE) – Juvenile” is 3.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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