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Pleco – True Zebra Pleco L-46 Tank Raised



Hypancistrus zebra

True Zebra Pleco Fish are extremely rare, and are farm-raised and imported directly from Indonesia. As a true dwarf species, these fish will only reach sizes of about 3”. You will typically only see the Zebra Pleco at night, as they are nocturnal. Fish of this species will only hang out at the bottom of the tank, and should be the only bottom dwelling fish of it’s kind.

Unlike other fish of this variety, the True Zebra Pleco does not like to chew on driftwood. It enjoys meaty foods such as high quality flake food, sinking carnivore pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex and brine shrimp, as well as sinking algae wafers. Size at the time of shipment will be between 1” – 2”.


These are extremely limited, and all sales are final on this fish. We will pack & ship only healthy plecos, but this purchase, like most fish, is a gamble. No exceptions. If you have a loss for this upon delivery, there is no recourse.  it is 100% a gamble.   In our 34 years of shipping this fish, we have never had a Zebra Pleco perish in transit or delivery. We’ve had customers kill their fish a couple weeks later and try to dispute their order, but the case was reversed and we dont let that person buy from us again. These fish are rare, they’re not cheap.

Temperament: Peaceful

Lighting: Low

Color Form: Black

Diet: Omnivore

Origin: Indonesia

NO REFUNDS & NO RETURNS on Zebra plecos!

Seller does not accept returns on fish. Due to too many variables and because I have no idea how you will handle your fish once they are delivered, I cannot guarantee these expensive fish. We have never had a Zebra Pleco arrive DOA to us through weeks of importation, and we have never had a loss of a Zebra Pleco to ANY of our commercial curators. EVER! That’s 34 years in 2022. Private customers try to claim them, that wont work. Doing a chargeback thru your credit card or dispute with Paypal wont work either with our terms & conditions in writing upfront right here!

There is still no guarantee on these fish because anything can happen during shipping or your handling,

So if our terms don’t work for you, don’t buy from us.

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