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William’s Ice Blue Zebra Rock-Dwelling Mbuna Cichlid

William’s Ice Blue Zebra Mbuna Cichlid
Pseudotropheus Ice Blue
Pseudotropheus greshakei
Ice Blue Zebra Cichlid, William’s Mbuna, Red Top Ice Blue

Size of fish at shipping is about 2″ inches, they will grow to about 4.7 inches (11.99 cm) – They attain a length of about 4 3/4″ (12 cm) in the wild, but can grow larger in the aquarium reaching up to 5.28″ (13.4 cm).
Lifespan: Mbuna cichlids have a lifespan of about 10 years with proper care.

Temp: 73.0 to 78.0° F (22.8 to 25.6° C)
Range ph: 7.5-8.5
Hardness Range: 6 – 10 dGH
Brackish: Sometimes – Salt is not found in their natural environment, but they do have a slight tolerance, keep levels below 10% – a specific gravity of less than 1.0002.
Water Movement: Moderate
Water Region: All – These fish will swim in all areas of the aquarium.

William’s mbuna, also known as ice blue zebra or the Pseudotropheus ice blue among the aquarium enthusiasts, is a species of omnivore cichlid fish endemic to Lake Malawi where it is only found at Makokola in the southeastern arm of the lake. Males are brighter than females. Fairly uncommon fish.



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