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Tanganyikan Tropheus Ikola BumbleBee Cichlid



Emperor Moorii, Hornet Cichlid, Tanganyikan, Tropheus sp. “Ikola”

This variety is from Ikola, Tanzania. The Tropheus was first introduced in the mid 1970s in Germany, & continue to be popular today. When in groups of 12 or more, they can make a brilliant display & their excellent personality helps as well. They are very active and each African Bumblebee Cichlid have their own individual behaviors. Tropheus can be aggressive, but are said to be less aggressive with other fish.  Having a very aggressive nature, they are best kept in a species specific tank.  Do not add a new fish to an already established colony as this will cause an upset & even death.  They may also be kept in a larger aquarium with some other herbivorous, rock dwelling, African cichlids. These fish are extremely rewarding when given the necessary care.

  • Hardness: 8 – 22 dH
  • Ph: 7.3 – 9.2
  • Temp: 76 – 82° F (25 – 28° C)
  • Max size: 4”
  • Omnivores
  • Swims at the top, Middle and Bottom of the aquarium!
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