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Moss - Peacock Moss or Rainbow Moss Selaginella uncinata


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Peacock Moss
Selaginella uncinata

AKA: Rainbow Moss, Blue spikemoss, peacock moss, peacock spikemoss, or spring blue spikemoss is a species of aquatic plant in the Selaginellaceae family.

Peacock Moss is a low, diminutive spreading groundcover with blue-green leaves. This plant is native to southern China and is the sole genus of vascular plants in the family Selaginellaceae. Plant it in shady nooks of the garden, containers, or hanging baskets or in a terrarium. Widely used as an aquatic foregroud plant, this low-growing shade-loving plant will thrive in most aquaria. Plant next to rocks and near caves, under driftwood and allow it to flourish. If it’s happy, it will take off and flourish. If it isnt happy, it will die. Try planting your plants in several area of your aquarium to determine where it is happiest.

This moss grows slowly. It’s great when creating moss trees especially if you want the “willow tree” look. If using co2 you’ll notice the moss grows at a faster speed and becomes a lush green! You can still achieve this without co2 but it takes a while.