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African Bolbitus Heudelotii Freshwater Aquarium Plant



Bolbitus heudelotii is Native to West Africa, the African Bolbitus, or African Water Fern, is an aquatic plant that will soon become one of your favorites, as it is an easy plant to grow and maintain. Its branch-like fronds will seamlessly attach to items like wood, rocks, pots and more. Attach it and the fern do its thing. You must NOT bury the roots in substrate or the African Water Fern will die. Requirements for this aquatic fern include low to medium light and aquarium tanks with high water flow, especially if you want it to reach its full growth potential. It can be grown in tanks that are very low light or with tanks that have other plants that are overgrowing. The African bolbitus will do fine on the bottom in the shade. Attach to rocks or wood and allow the roots to naturally grasp the object. Takes a lot of time, but worth the end result. We offer this plant in loose form or already grown on lava rock.

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African Bolbitus Heudelotii

loose rooted plant, grown on lava rock

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